[Vision2020] Polarization

Carl Westberg carlwestberg846@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Nov 2003 07:45:08 -0800

I just read Nicholas Kristof's editorial in the New York Times, in which he 
decries the increasing vitriol nationwide between conservatives and 
liberals.  He excoriates BOTH sides for their intemperance.  As he puts it 
"the result - everybody shouting at everybody else - corrodes the body 
politic and is counterproductive.."  His piece concerns the Democratic party 
hurting itself with its anger, but after reading the Vision 2020 e-mails 
from last night, he might as well have been speaking of this forum.  There 
are good people on both sides of this continuing public-private school 
debate, with good points to make, but the dialogue has lately been anything 
but constructive.  To quote Kristof, "At this rate, soon we'll all be so 
rabid that Ann Coulter will seem normal."  One itch I have to scratch:  When 
debating this issue, invariably one poster will say "that's the way you 
liberals are", followed by "that's the way you conservatives are", ad 
nausem.  As someone who considers himself a liberal, please don't presume to 
completely know my mindset.  If you're a conservative, I won't presume to 
completely know yours.                                                       
Carl Westberg Jr.

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