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Mon, 10 Nov 2003 20:20:31 GMT

Hoping you'll indulge me in a post neither controversial nor theological . . .

A colleague, Peter Sippel, has just completed the on-line edition of THE 
YOUTH'S INSTRUCTOR by GEORGE DILYWN (*Occasional Reflections, Offered 
Principally for the Use of Schools.* Burlington, N.J.: Printed for the Author, 
by David Allinson, 1815, pages 3-28.) 


It's a copybook--a set of aphorisms used to teach penmanship and instill good 
advice at the same time.  And what good advice it is, and how timely for us on 
Vision 2020!

The Letter C yields:

Courtesy engages esteem. 
Contend not against right. 
Condemn no man unheard. 
Contradict with caution. 
Confine thy studies to what is useful. 
Count well the cost of what thou doest. 
Contend not eagerly about trifles. 

Most of which seem rather pointedly useful to us here.

And, in the spirit of sharing that Dilwyn encourages, here's one suitable to 
Doug, Doug, David, Jack, and Dale:

Of all forms, *re-form* is  the best. 

Just call me Auntie Quarian,

Melynda Huskey

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