[Vision2020] Nationalism In Iraq

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I may be wrong, but Ted is missing the main point.  Probably because we
are all having to rely on a very biased group of news sources.  
Iraq history is fraught with clannism, not nationalism.  Much of what is
being reported as Iraqi shooting Iraqi is more likely Suni shooting
Shite.  One of the greatest fallacies of the Texas gunslinger mentality
of this administration is the idea that democracy can come to Iraq
within months.  And Yugoslavia was peacefully broken up too!

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One factor in the Iraq war that seems to be underestimated is good old 
fashioned nationalism among the people in Iraq.  Even among citizens in
who hate Saddam, there may be strong emotions of nationalism that will 
inspire fierce violent resistance to the invasion and occupation of
country by the US.  If this is the case, the US could face continuing 
attacks in Iraq that will sabotage our efforts to stabilize the country,

even if we "win" the war.  The hatred and opposition to the US in most
the middle east, coupled with religious issues of a perceived attack on 
Islam, could also lead to an influx of fighters from other countries
to aid Iraq in an endless "guerilla" style urban battle in the cities of


Regardless of the moral or political right or wrong of the US war on
are we trying to impose our will on a country that will resist this
so relentlessly that the US will get bogged down in a messy drawn out 
military occupation with no reasonable political solution?


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