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I suspect that Bill did not send this, but someone else forged his return 

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At 01:45 PM 3/23/2003 -0800, LuJane Nisse wrote:
>Bill London sent this to the group... this is one of those scams.
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>Subject: [Vision2020] PLEASE GET BACK TO ME
>Dear Sir,
>This letter may come to you as a surprise but it was out of my sincere
>desire to share a mutual business relationship with you. I got to know of
>you through an international directory forwarded to me by the family of late
>President Kabila of The Democratic Republic of Congo, in which your
>designation and status as a capable Godly personality who can be trusted.
>Hence I deem it fit to confide in you.
>I am a solicitor by name Ralph Moveni, a personal lawyer to the Kabila
>family and consequently represent their interest with due respect to their
>monetary affairs. The family has $9.000.000:00[nine Million United States
>Dollars] currently in a security company vault; this huge sum of money is in
>a coded form. The present President Joseph Kabila intends to use this money
>for investment purposes without the consent of any foreign body outside the
>To come straight to the point, this money has been moved from Congo through
>Switzerland to Amsterdam in The Netherlands, and the Kabilas need you as a
>reliable investor that could be trusted with the PIN and CERTIFICATE OF
>DEPOSIT to enable us use the funds outside The Democratic Republic of Congo.
>After lots of deliberations and considerations I as the family lawyer with
>the authority invested in me  to immediately work on ways and means of
>transferring this sum of money to a reliable and trust worthy foreign
>partner that will be able to help and assist us secure the funds in a
>suitable account. I am convinced you are the right person to handle the said
>proposal, if we have to achieve our goals and objective.
>Moreover, the personal identification Number Certificate Deposit and The
>Letter of Authority from my law firm that will facilitate transfer of the
>funds is in my possession. Since no name was used in securing the funds in
>the vault, your name will be passed and tagged on the consignment of funds
>as the rightful owner.
>The family have reached an agreement with me that 25% of the total sum of
>the funds will be for your assistance towards this transaction. 5% for
>eventual expenses that might be incurred on the course of this transaction
>if any, and 70% will be invested by you in other business of interest for
>the family.
>Finally, I wish to assure you that this transaction will not attract any
>risk on your behalf. Furthermore, all documentations covering this
>transactions will be sent to you for Verification.Your response is urgently
>required in other to speed up the process.
>Thanks in advance.
>Ralph Moveni,
>Esq, [Barrister]
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