[Vision2020] Amazonian Goddesses Do Battle!

Ted Moffett ted_moffett@hotmail.com
Wed, 12 Mar 2003 03:58:56 +0000


The very suggestion that Trinitarians' would model their sports programs on 
the government school regulations mandating women's sports is unthinkable.  
After all, "equality denies difference," to quote Doug Jones, and 
Trinitarians' clearly think men and women are different in ways that mandate 
they not be given equal treatment, both in chest exposure and exposure to 
the rigors of sports.

I would love to match the buffed and trained female "amazonian" children of 
gay Goddess worshiping feminist female parents (Don Kaag take note) in 
battle against the Trinitarian boys.  Who cares about facts and reason, 
let's settle this in battle, and let children and youth fight to promote our 
cause!  Surely I jest, but after all, is this not how the dominant 
ideologies of the world have spread their beliefs throughout history?

Let's not be so naive as to think that the violence of sports for male youth 
has no connection to preparation for warfare.

No one should blink an eye at the endorsement of warrior sports for the 
males being raised in a fundamentalist Christian tradition.  Christianity 
has been spread by the sword when it could not succeed by "peaceful" means 
to convert the natives.  This is a fact of history that of course will be 
denied and put through the spin filters of those wishing to place 
Christianity in a more favorable light.

But I don't mean to pick on Christianity here, though it is the dominant 
religion of our country.  All MAJOR ideologies use violence to promote their 
beliefs.  If someone can provide an counter example, I would be grateful.  
In anticipation of exceptions I will comment that sadly the ideology of 
pacifism is a NOT a major ideology in our world, nor has it ever been.

There is still time for pacifism to become a dominant ideology before the 
prevalent attitude of the use of violence to settle conflict leads to 
technological and scientific based warfare that could lead to the extinction 
of the human race or to a result that will leave the survivors wishing they 
were extinct.


>From: "Melynda Huskey" <mghuskey@hotmail.com>
>To: vision2020@moscow.com
>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] bonhom lacrosse
>Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 12:23:17 -0800
>Dale asks:  Can you just imagine what the likes of Rosemary Huskey, et al, 
>would say to little boys playing rugby! I'm sure they would have a fit at 
>something as physical and "rough" as Lacrosse -- even with helmets and 
>pads! Someone may get beat up, or fall down and get hurt. Yikes!
>I am the likes of Rosemary Huskey, I think, if not the woman herself, and 
>my question is this:
>Will the growing Bonhom-Athletic complex offer "Trinitarian" young women 
>the opportunity to celebrate the beautiful mechanisms of the human body and 
>the glories of intense physical competition through lacrosse?  Or rugby?  
>Both are very popular sports among women at the college level.
>Celebrating Title IX and its splendid legacy of opportunity for women,
>Melynda Huskey
>"We utterly deny all outward wars and strife, and fightings with outward 
>weapons, for any end, or under any pretense whatsoever: this is our 
>testimony to the whole world."
>Quaker Declaration of 1660
>>From: "Dale Courtney" <dale@courtneys.us>
>>To: <vision2020@moscow.com>
>>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] bonhom lacrosse
>>Date: Tue, 11 Mar 2003 10:39:55 -0800
>>And, BTW, it was not Nate Wilson who you should be replying to but Ben
>>Merkel. Ben posted that initial note.
>>Finally, I find your reference to an American Indian sport in such a 
>>as being highly disingenuous and not very sensitive to American Indians 
>>their culture -- you are saying that the American Indians themselves were
>>Pretty Boys and wimps? It's just not a very Politically Correct position 
>>take, especially by a lawyer! <Tongue still firmly implanted in cheek>
>>Dale Courtney
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: vision2020-admin@moscow.com [mailto:vision2020-admin@moscow.com] On
>>Behalf Of Sunil Ramalingam
>>Sent: Tuesday, 11 March, 2003 10:22
>>To: dale@courtneys.us; vision2020@moscow.com
>>Subject: RE: [Vision2020] bonhom lacrosse
>>When I played rugby at UC Davis (poorly, on the third and fourth sides;
>>opposing players took turns seeing how far they could fling me), we 
>>the lacrosse players. We called them Pretty Boys, who protected their
>>delicate facial features by wearing helmets with face masks, and confirmed
>>their cowardice by wearing pads. It did not escape our attention that 
>>games drew more attractive women than did ours, and lots more of them;
>>apparently our practice of singing vulgar and boorish songs and dousing 
>>other with the beer we didn’t drink at our post-game parties made us less
>>than charming companions.
>>For their part, the lacrosse club viewed us as drunken louts, and
>>occasionally publicly observed that our ears grew lumpier as the season 
>>on, most of us had broken noses, and we were idiots.
>>It is in that spirit that I rise to your bait, Nate, to condemn the
>>formation of the Bonham Lacrosse Club. Again, Dale, I must protest your
>>willingness to put liberals in boxes. I, as a liberal, care not that 
>>Americans started this vile game you embrace; it bothers me not at all 
>>white male Englishmen invented rugby. On behalf of drunken louts of all
>>colors and creeds, I challenge you to forsake lacrosse and instead play a
>>real game, one whose intense physicality begins where lacrosse players 
>>off, retreating home and weeping into their hankies.
>>P.S. Based upon his own report of his boxing match, I must exclude Nate 
>>the Pretty Boy category of lacrosse players. Also, his willingness to box
>>indicates that he may have an inner rugby player, yearning for freedom.
>>Sunil Ramalingam
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