[Vision2020] Fair taxation.

thansen@moscow.com thansen@moscow.com
Wed, 29 Jan 2003 22:29:06 GMT

And could you possibly even think of imagining the potential revenue Idaho 
could realize by taxing legalized marijuana?  The best way to control something 
is to legalize it.  Place the same government controls on legalized marijuana 
as there curently is on alcohol.

The argument that 95% of those currently addicted to heroin got started on 
marijuana is bogus.  I would be more concerned about those 5% that started with 

Curiosity question:  What is the average age of our state legislature, the US 
House of Reps, and the US Senate?

Tom Hansen

> If Idaho was to legalize slots it would appear to me that we would have an 
> added tax source bringing in an estimated 700 million. Where did I say it was 
> all strictly from slots? The state even estimates 280 million.
> Do you not think that with the expansion of the gambling that there won't be 
> a need for more employees? Hence, MORE taxes to the states, counties and 
> cities??? They in turn will be spending more in other businesses who then 
> will be able to pay more in taxes and have more employees. If this is not a 
> tax benefit for our state, I do not know what is. Oh - taxing cigarettes? A 
> diminishing return! We need to be working our way away from that tax.
> At least in Nevada they have the dollars to keep their infrastructure strong 
> and flourishing. We have streets with homes that were built in the 20's and 
> the streets are still dirt!
> Phil

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