[Vision2020] Naylor Farms

Carl Westberg carlwestberg846@hotmail.com
Wed, 15 Jan 2003 08:45:58 -0800

I remember reading an article within the last year or so about the 
Moscow-Pullman aquifer.  A geologist from either WSU or the U of Idaho said 
something to the effect of if he were a young person living in Moscow or 
Pullman, he would be very concerned about the water supply in another 30 
years.  I can't recall the exact quote.  This was well before the Naylor 
farm request.  If the aquifer situation is already tenuous, how can this 
request even be considered?                                                  
         Carl Westberg Jr.

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>Subject: [Vision2020] Naylor Farms
>Date: Wed, 15 Jan 2003 07:55:30 -0800
>Those interested in the Naylor Farms request to pump 2.4 billions of
>gallons of aquifer water for their clay mining and irrigation operation
>should read David Johnson's article on that subject in today's Tribune
>(front page, Wed 1/15).
>     Johnson interviewed Robert Lemke of Boise, spokesperson for the
>company that requested the pumping rights.
>     Lemke responds repeatedly with variations on the "trust us--we want
>to be good neighbors" theme.
>     Of course, he will not specifically discuss his company's
>plans--which are the subject of continuing secret negotiations with
>Moscow city representatives.
>     Of course, he rejects any suggestion that their company would be
>interested in using the water to mine clay there--despite his admission
>that the business is tied through common ownership to the Bovill-Helmer
>clay mine proposal.
>     (And this is my personal favorite) Lemke ends with this summary
>sentence: "At this time, we have no large scale plans for clay mining."
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