[Vision2020] Highway meeting

Priscilla Salant psalant@moscow.com
Tue, 14 Jan 2003 20:01:50 -0800

Bruce and others,

I found last night's MCA meeting to be extraordinary.  The organizers
focused on how Moscow can move *forward* in terms of greater public
involvement in transportation planning.  The panel included four people: a
retired Washington State Dept of Transportation guy, the director of public
works in Colville (where local citizens developed a plan that the WA DoT
implemented), an Idaho State Dept of Transportation guy, and Phil Cooke
from our Transportation Commission.  Most of the questions stemmed from
what people generally seem to perceive as the Highway 95 debacle, but
still, people responded well to what MCA was trying to accomplish.

We counted 95 people in attendance, among them, Mayor Comstock and Council
members Mack and Busch. I appreciated their being there, and also how well
and honestly Marshall spoke during the question and answer part at the end.

If this meeting is any indication, we can look forward to more informative
and constructive opportunties for local debate and discussion. I say three
cheers to the Moscow Civic Association!  

Priscilla Salant

PS the facilitation was especially good.