[Vision2020] Wenders' Diatribe

Dale Courtney dale@courtneys.us
Sun, 3 Aug 2003 07:14:24 -0700

Ted Moffett wrote: 

> As I wrote before, the lack of comparison between the incomes 
> of top professionals in other fields with the incomes of 
> public school teachers is a glaring oversight in your attempt 
> to show that MSD teachers are overpaid.

You must have missed this in all my previous posts. This *has* been
something addressed repeatedly. 

The following numbers are from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Here are the
Mean Hourly Earnings by profession: 

Accountants & Auditors (S&L): $20.14/hr
Computer Programmers (S&L): $21.27/hr
Accountants & Auditors (Priv): $22.08/hr
Computer Programmers (Priv): $24.49/hr
Engineers, Architects, & Surveyors (S&L): $27.71/hr
Secondary Teachers (S&L): $30.48/hr
Elementary Teachers (S&L): $30.52/hr
Engineers, Architects, & Surveyors (priv): $31.05/hr
Lawyers (S&L): $34.64

Note: these numbers do *not* take into consideration benefits, etc. They
also do not take into account the teachers' 60 non-work days per year. 

Would you like me to post a correction to your Letter to the Editor, or
would you prefer to do it yourself? 

Dale Courtney
Moscow, Idaho