[Vision2020] The future of this list

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Thu, 10 Apr 2003 15:58:27 -0700

I personally am quite fond of the delete key.  I use it often.  I don't mind simply deleting the messages as they come in.  However, I also wouldn't be terribly opposed to outright blocking his emails.  Just seems easier to keep using the delete key to me though.

Tami Stinebaugh

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From: Bill London <london@moscow.com>
Date: Thursday, April 10, 2003 3:57 pm
Subject: [Vision2020] The future of this list

> V2020 subscribers:
>    Though I have resisted this for months, I guess it is time to
> consider an question that could radically change the character and
> direction of this community list.
>    The Question---What are we going to do with Douglas Stambler?
>    I pose this question because of the world-record 13 postings 
> of his
> that showed up on V2020 in the last few hours, including some nasty
> comments like: "Doug Wilson: Equal Opportunity Hate-Mongerer"
>    I also think it is time to bring this issue forward since Walter
> Steed posted the following question; "Hey, First Step, can you 
> block the
> non-emails from Moscowgarbage???"
>    First Step is very generous to host this list at no charge.  That
> gift keeps V2020 (which has no money, account, corporate filings,
> hierarchy, etc) this remarkably open, free, and totally public 
> forum.  I
> think of it as that famous soap box in Hyde Park in London--a place
> where anyone can stand and speak his/her piece.  Without a filter, a
> moderator, a controller, etc.  Anyway, First Step has the technical
> ability to deny access to the V2020 list to anyone.  But First 
> Step does
> not want to exercise that kind of control, since it is not "their"
> list.  It is in fact, our list.  It belongs to its members.  The 
> 400 or
> so subscribers--us, you and me.
>    So, the question about what we are going to do with Douglas 
> Stambleris a question we have to ask ourselves.
>    What do you think?  Should we block his posts to this list?
>    To do so would change the nature of this forum.  This list was
> created 10 years ago as an open discussion list.  Compared to 
> other such
> lists nationwide (most cities have one or more), V2020 has been very
> successful.  The membership is a cross-section of the community,
> including elected officials, city employees, etc.  The 
> communication on
> the list is unfiltered, and therefore occasionally rude, mean-
> spirited,and wonderful.
>    Enough of this rhapsody.  The question remains: has Douglas 
> Stamblerbeen such an egregious nuisance (with his recent barrage 
> of posts, his
> offensive comments, and his attempted "unsubscribing") that he 
> should be
> the first person we ask First Step to block from our list?
>    I hope you all consider the question and respond to the list.
> Thanks BL
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