[Vision2020] Logos School's all male board

Douglas dougwils@moscow.com
Tue, 08 Apr 2003 15:25:40 -0700

Dear visionaries,

This all-male Logos School board thingy is turning into the Energizer Bunny 
of topics. Oh, well.

Andreas asked:
I am given pause and reason to wonder how, exactly, you know this, when
you believe yourself to enjoined by Scripture against seeking or heeding
their opinion on this, or any other, matter? If my understanding isn't
sufficiently nuanced I, of course, invite correction, but this is my
understanding of your theology.

Given the rhetorical distance between our camps, this kind of assumption is 
certainly a natural one, but I do want to do more than nuance it. If I were 
to list the top three people I have learned the most from, living or dead, 
two of them would be women. I have three children, two of them women, and 
by the grace of God I saw to it that they all got the same (first-rate) 
education. One of them did her undergraduate thesis on how various forms of 
mistreatment of women are reflections and applications of various 
Trinitarian heresies.

And all this is consistent with what Scripture teaches. In the book of 
Proverbs, wisdom is a woman. The Christian church is a woman, the bride of 
Christ. In the book of Acts, Priscilla and Aquila take Apollos aside, and 
together they set him straight in his teaching. And if I began spouting 
some egalitarian nonsense, I know of a number of modern Christian women who 
would be happy to do the same for me.