[Vision2020] Hate Crime on the Palouse

thansen@moscow.com thansen@moscow.com
Fri, 4 Apr 2003 22:31:40 GMT

There is more to it than that, Mr. Arnold.  Please read:


Tom Hansen

> None of the students were even punished. Three of the four are still 
> attending UI and can run for office. The other one is in Law school 
> attending Pepperdine University. The University handeled this about as well 
> as it does its finances.
> I don't have the evidence, because it was squashed by the University when 
> Hal Godwin said he was not a student at UI. But I know it was, all the other 
> evidence points to it. Why is that they have not asked the person who 
> murdered him why he killed him?
> The Moscow police department was not as advanced then as it is today. It 
> took them three days to find his car that was parked illegally in the Moscow 
> Hotel Parking lot. I mean da!
> Most the people that have been parading that it was NOT a hate crime also 
> were saying he was still alive and they saw him at the palouse mall just 
> last week, they shut up when they found his remains in the woods.
> Donovan

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