[Vision2020] Living document

Douglas dougwils@moscow.com
Fri, 13 Dec 2002 15:12:40 -0800

Dear visionaries,<br><br>
Now we are getting somewhere! Since it is as simple as you have your
truths and I have mine, it is equally simple that Dubya has his truths,
and we have ours. But not only does he have his truths, he also has an
army and navy. As for us, out here in the hinterlands, we have no basis
for objecting to anything. The right to protest the actions of our
government actually means that we <i>don't</i> have that right. &quot;You
object to this?&quot; said the judge. &quot;Well, you have your truths
and I have mine. Bailiff, take this recalcitrant prisoner off for a
little living document bastinado.&quot;<br><br>
So we see that the framers used generic terms so that &quot;keep and bear
arms&quot; actually means &quot;not keep and bear arms,&quot; Congress
shall declare war means that somebody else gets to do it, and so on <i>ad
infinitum</i>. Would someone mind telling me where the brakes are on this
Douglas Wilson<br>